The Social Cooperative Society (KIN.SEP.) ASPLEPIADIADES was founded and operates in Rhodes since December 18, 2012 by institutions of disabled people.The Social Cooperative Society (KIN.SEP.) ASPLEPIADIADES was founded and operates in Rhodes since December 18, 2012 by institutions of disabled people.The main purpose of KIN.SEP. ASPLEPIADIADES is the pursuit of collective benefit, the service of general social interests, as well as the promotion, dissemination and application of the principles and practices of the Social Solidarity Economy.In particular, the objectives of KIN.SEP. ASPLEPIADIADES is the production of products and the provision of services to socially vulnerable groups such as the elderly, the disabled, women,All actions of KIN.SEP. ASPLEPIADIDES are governed by the World Health Organization's perceptions and proposals and are based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which together with its Optional Protocol was ratified by our country under Law 4074/2012 (Government Gazette 88 A / 11.04.2012).Some of the benefits of the Commonwealth of Accommodations are:• Training in the autonomous living of people with disabilities.• The learning of the sign language.• Learning Braille.• The provision of personal assistance by qualified personnel.In the Tourism sector, an integrated network of services has been developed to facilitate and facilitate the transportation of tourists who have health problems and / or motor problems due to old age or disability.More specifically, KIN.SEP. ASPLEPIADEDES has 3 specially designed vehicles. Specialized staff (drivers and escorts) take care of the dignified and safe movement of people with disabilities.The company also has people who need it, special equipment for their better service and ensuring comfortable and safe holidays. The equipment is delivered as indicated by the customer.
Indicatively some of the items we offer for rent are: Mechanism attached to the wheelchair and allows for rising where there are stairs. This mechanism particularly caters for people who want to visit the tourist attractions and archaeological sites of the island, where there is no access for disabled people. This mechanism is handled by our specially trained staff. Hand and power wheelchairs. A special vehicle for transporting a person with a disability to the sea, which allows the user to go and into the sea to swim. Bathroom accessories to facilitate toilet and bathroom use. Individual crane for transport of a person with a disability. Mobile folding ramps. Orthopedic beds, electrically and manually. Everything else needed for personal care.
We also provide full service to all our electric and non-trolley trucks.Finally, we list all accessible hotels, restaurants, bars, accessible routes etc. according to the international accessibility rules,The results are posted on the Internet at:

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The responsibility for all the information lies with the executives of the company who are disabled.
We are at your disposal for any information or clarification.